Client / Server Architecture Benefits

· Client / Server architecture.

· No more file corruption.

· Support file size greater than 2GB.

· Can access database remotely.

· Can access database throw internet.

· Can access database using 64 bit application.

· Support all Visual Fox Pro Tables and Data Types.

Integration Benefits

· Security integration on centralized server.

· Write business rules using on Advantage Database Server.

· Real Transaction support for on the centralized server.

· Centralize Database Administration.


Conversion Benefits

You can  gradually build another front-end to new technology like .NET or JAVA the old Visual Fox Pro system can work in parallel with new system till complete the development in few months. So you can convert your product to new technology before Microsoft  Visual Fox Pro end of service date on January 13, 2015.



Customization Benefits

We offer customization for special customer requirements.