Solution Architecture

Starting from WindowsXP, Microsoft introduced a ability to intercept any Win32 APIs calls and overwrite it. This technology is used in wide range of applications like antivirus which intercept some Win32 APIs calls to insure security.


In our solution, we specified the set of Win32 APIs which access .dbf, cdx, .fpt files. Then, we intercept those calls by another set of function which translate each API call to communicate with Databases Engines to retrieve or update the same data. 



 In our solution, we make a full mapping for each API with its parameters set and return value to corresponding call to Database Server to get the same return value expected by Visual FoxPro application. Diagram below show the difference between current system and innovated system.


With our solution you did not need to do any modification in you Visual FoxPro application to switch to another database, our innovation solve the problem in from low level aspect.


In addition, we solved so critical issues with current Visual FoxPro architecture like 2 GB files limit, convert from File Server architecture to Client / Server architecture, Support access Visual FoxPro database from 64 bit application ...etc.